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Alyson Black@ 12:13pm 11-03-2017
Hello. Is the World Peace Garden Network still up and running? I can't see any recent posts and I would love to dedicate my garden in Glastonbury to the project. The land I have in Portugal is already dedicated.

I do hope to hear from you.
Wop@ 10:13pm 08-02-2013
Hola me llamo carlos y soy un Espanyol de 19 años de edad y esta buscando amistad y amor. Resido en Madrid y a lo mejor eso ayuda a tener mas amistad. Aunque yo soy timido para relacionarme ya que llevo menos de 1 semana en Madrid.
Yo tambien estoy buscando trabajo estable y a lo mejor poniendo esto a lo mejor encontrare trabajo lo antes posible.
Por tanto os dejo mi email de contacto para quien quiera contactar conmigo, prometo contestar en menos de 48 horas, mi email es
Catherine Munro@ 9:05pm 08-01-2013
Gardening for Health just stopping by and looking forward to hopefully hosting World Peace Gardens Network in the Leechwell Garden this Summer in Totnes.
Shzrwmld Brawlng@ 9:18am 04-18-2013
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Alyson Black@ 12:45am 03-13-2013
Dear Jessica Gomes,

Mine is that World Peace Garden in Alentejo! Peace and Love. How amazing. I now live very near to the Chalice Well World Peace Garden in Glastonbury! Where are you in Portugal? xxx
Alyson Black@ 12:28am 03-13-2013
After becoming a member of, or rather dedicating a garden in Portugal as a World Peace Garden in 2001, I have just realised it would be a good time to contact you again! Peace and Love to you fellow gardeners. I need some help with mine. The trees are growing but need a bit of a prune to keep the olives ' so that a swallow may fly through'! xxx
Marcus@ 9:12pm 05-22-2012
john travis@ 10:49am 06-06-2011
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aghadilbar@ 5:12am 05-11-2011

About Me
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Peace for Humanity

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On 11/25/10, Barack Obama <> wrote:
> Friend --
> When Michelle and I sit down with our family to give thanks today, I want
> You to know that we'll be especially grateful for folks like you.
> Everything we have been able to accomplish in the last two years was
> Possible because you have been willing to work for it and organize for it=
> And every time we face a setback, or when progress doesn't happen as

> As we would like, we know that you'll be right there with us, ready to
> Another day.
> So I want to thank you -- for everything.
> I also hope you'll join me in taking a moment to remember that the
> And security we enjoy as Americans are protected by the brave men and
> Of the United States Armed Forces. These patriots are willing to lie down
> Their lives in our defense, and each of us owes them and their families a
> Debt of gratitude.
> Have a wonderful day, and God bless.
> Barack
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(The copy of this special letter was written to Aagh Dilbar from
President Barack Obama by internet. dated 11/25/2010)
With greetings and best wishes.

The forum for culture and civilizations
Peace for Humanity
Hearing the Voice of A GREAT REVOLUTION
Excelsiour,(With the help of People,sStruggle) Change the World for
the Revolution



Special Letter to President Barack Obama:

The Great Leader of the World

By Agha Dilbar

I, Agha Dilbar, have sent Mr. President 100 registered research Letters (1000 new ideas to develop America and to Change the World forPeace and Prosperity) through Embassy of USA in Islamabad till today

and also sent these registered Letters to Whitehouse Washington DC
20500. The letters have been written along the guidelines of CHANGE WE
NEED focusing on the problems of common men and with respect to and in
pursuit of real solutions. To end economic recession, unemployment and
to cease wars, and to guarantee peace and prosperity in the world. In
these letters, I sent one thousand new scientific suggestions and
plans on matters affecting every walk of life with global peace,
friendship, progress and prosperity at their core.

Dear President Barack Obama, the Great Leader

of the World, my Friend, my Brother,

I ask that you provide an opportunity for Agha Dilbar to pay an

official visit to America, that we two brothers can sit together and

by halting this horrible war

(In this war, 1-million people have died
since the events of 9/11. If this war continues, it will become the
Third World War which could cost more than 200-million lives) and
pulling the 6.5 billion people of the world from the abyss of
destruction and then put them on the road to progress and prosperity.
Dear President Barack Obama, please consider how from 9/11/2001 until
today, America has conducted many war operations in connection with
the "War on Terror" which have resulted in a cycle of conflict that
has expanded hundreds of times. In this period millions of innocent
persons have lost their lives and many more have been rendered
homeless. War affected youth are joining the armies of Al-Qaeda and
the Taliban with the support of anti-American countries and have
launched horrific guerilla wars. This is the result of an incorrect
war strategy. I, Agha Dilbar, desire to solve all above mentioned
problems in a meeting with President Barrack Obama by adopting a new
revolutionary plan by bringing an end to present guerilla wars in
Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The result would be a world which can
enter into a peaceful modernizing progress. I sincerely hope it will
be so.

I, Agha Dilbar, have a new war strategy to achieve success through
diplomatic negotiations between the Taliban and the Pakistani and
American governments. Ninety percent of the Taliban fighting against
Pak Army comes from the Swat and tribal areas of NWFP. I believe I can
provide America with all the realistic facts that would allow for the
implementation of programs that can convert the Taliban fighters into
patriotic citizens of Pakistan. In this war strategy, Pakistan's
government will never send its heavy artillery, tanks, canons or
aircrafts to engage with the Taliban. In this way, the displacement of
5 million persons can be averted. In the end, the Taliban will hand
over their weapons to Pakistani Government and will come to table to
deliberate, ensuring a cessation in the suicide bombing attacks in
Pakistan. Through this war strategy, the Pakistani and American
Governments can save the exorbitant expenses of war. Through this
planning, they can also utilize their savings from war budgets to
develop schools, hospitals, markets, roads, bridges, dams, canals and
industries in Swat and the most affected tribal areas of NWFP. On
account of the present war strategy, billions of dollars are being
wasted yearly with little positive outcome to anyone.
I am convinced that this war can cause the fall of America. Instead my
suggestion for America to keep its super power status in the world, it
must not conquer the world with war, but rather use its advanced
scientific technology and spend it on agriculture, trade, education,
scientific development and tourism globally. This could also trigger a
rebound that could end the economic crisis in America.
Leah Price Hawks@ 4:46am 08-20-2010
World Peace Garden 'Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden' at Skyline Wilerness Park is in Napa, California, USA.
Leah Price Hawks@ 8:45pm 08-07-2010
The Martha Walker Native Habitat Garden at Skyline Wilderness Park was designated a World Peace Garden April 7, 2002. It was a great highlight for Ralph Ingols, who with his wife Eveylne, created the Garden and were the first curators. We are currently putting a book together about the Park and will include information about the World Peace Garden effort. Even at age 99, Ralph continues to be interested in both conservation and the peaceful atmosphere of the Garden.
I would like to see our above information on your website, if possible. Thanks!
wwwwwww@ 1:14am 04-16-2010
中空玻璃设备@ 2:43pm 04-14-2010
Reginald Haynes@ 2:01pm 03-08-2010
What a great idea both for peace and the environment. After you have finished here, and before you go into your own little haven of peace, please take a look at As Is Best, promoting Peace through religious and political tolerance.
Jessica Gomes@ 5:19pm 02-28-2010
i want to congratulate your work all over the world, as an aspiring landscape architect this has been really great to learn about your organization, it inspires me and i hope to learn more about how it works.
The reason why i'm writing is because I just couldn't help noticing that on the list of current WPG's that the Chalice Well seems to be missplaced underneath the title of Portugal. I was confused at first, but it was a pleasant surprise to find out that we have a WPG in Alentejo (yes, i am living in Portugal)

all the best, thanks

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