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aghadilbar@ 7:34am 12-03-2008
786 Name: Agha Dilbar(deserves for the noble peace prize) see our message of peace in internet search Key Word: No-1 aghadilbar No-2 aghadilbar2 No-3 aghadilbar3 E-mail Postal address:IRM(NGO)64-neelum,ait,Lahore,pakistan Location: Lahore, Pakistan, Phone No 0092427830084 Mobile 03334628349
Topic: Peace Comments Change the World with Peace and Prosperity 10-Million Urgent Peace letters to Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers, Magazines, Universities, Think tanks, Amnesty International , Welfare NGOs and Govt Contacts, all over the World
Subject: Friendship, Progress and Prosperity for peace throughout the World I Agha Dilbar Founder International Revolution Movement have sent10-Million research Peace Letters to International Community from 11-September 2001(9/11) till today about War on Terror. Our NGO International Revolution Movement (IRM) has 3-Principles, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity all over the World. Our NGO, s programmed is for The Welfare of International Community and to save the Human Being from 3rd World War and World Terrorism. ****************
I aghadilbar have been struggling last 7- years (from 9/11 to date) .To save Pakistan,Islamic Ummah ,and the World having 6 - 1/2 Billion People from current Goerrella War and Economic Disaster.But alas,non of the responsible Head of States,International Newespapers,Magzines,TV Newes Channels,Govt Institutions,Welfare NGO,s and United Nations paid any attention towards my Truths.
These days clouds of Guerrella War hovering on the sky, Economic Crises/Recession has set in USA,Europe,Japan,Middele East and is engulfing the whole World.I aghadilbar am Red Alerting to People of World and International Community to hear my Message of Peace before it is too late and 6-1/2 Billion People are drowned in the sea of disaster through more horriable Wars,Sucidal Attacks and Economic Crises.
I aghadilbar am the only person on Earth, who can solve all current Economic and War/Political Problems through my Political, Economic and Military Strategy. For God,s sake,please hear my Voice of Peace, strengthen my hands so that I can change destiny of people by taking them out of darkness of destruction and can make them Progress and Developed.May God bless you. Ameen.
I aghadilbar,am presenting a plan for completely controlling Sucidal Attacks in Pakistan,Palestine,India,Russaia,Afghanistan,Iraq and throughout the World.
The Plan is:that instead of waging War, the Govternments of Pakistan,Israel,India,Russaia USA UK Collation Forces and Nato Forces, should solve all disputes through Immediate Talks.Their Bugdets of War be spent on the welfare of War affected people of these areas.By this way , they can convert enimies into friends.By developing Agriculture,Industries,Commerce,Education,Health,Establishment of Scools,Colleges,Universties,Sports Complexes,Hospitals,Latest Industries,and 5-Star Hotels inTrible Areas and Swat of pakistan,Occupied Kashmir,Palestine,Chechneyia,Afghanistan and Iraq; they can change minds of the people of that Areas and make them Civilised Humans who oppose War and Sucicidal Attacks.But it will only be possible if USA,UK,Nato Forces,Russia,India,Israel and Pakistan demonsrrate Peace(through friendship progress and prosperity) instead of Killing Innocent People by Shooting,Shelling,Air Strikes and Maissiles.May God help us. ------------------
I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for Kashmir, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Middle East, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan to stop and eliminate Suicidal Bomb Attacks and State Terrorism, all over The World. Some Powerful Underground Groups want to begin 3rd World War for their worst intentions. (To occupy the oil resources of under develop and weak countries of the world) World should remember that religion Islam is a religion of Peace Security, Fraternity and Love. We Muslims are not concerned with any sort of Terrorism; Terrorists are only using the name of Islam. Likewise people using the name of Islam to pretence are not Muslims. They are only Terrorists. I, Agha Dilbar on emergency ground want to present solid suggestions to International Community, regarding their policies on War against Terrorism, Can be saved from Economic Crisis, I should be given a chance to make Open Speech and Dialogue, on the leading TV News Channels to eliminate Poverty, Unemployment and Lawlessness(Sueside Bombing and State Terrorism) at International level. I am warning the International Community that according to my previous Research spread over a period of 7-years; it is evident that sufficient Intentional or Unintentional efforts have not been made to eradicate The Root Causes of Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations (Suicide Bombing,State Terrorisim and Destructive Tendencies). As a result thereof it is quite possible that there may be dramatic hundred times (100%) Increase in the Incidences of Terrorism and Suicide Bombing in the near future. For the sake of World Peace, I therefore request the International Community to provide me an Opportunity to explain to them, the root causes of World Terrorism and Suicide Bombings as to take bold steps to put an end to its basic causes. In Nutshell instead of using Brute Force,(Through State Terrorism) try to solve the matter through Table Talk. I should convince those who are on the wrong track that they are their Well - wisher and are interested to develop Friendship for mutual Progress. In the Reward of my Sincere Services, I please am given a chance of Official Visit to Interested Countries for Elaborating my Great Peace Plan before the Head of States and other concerned Higher Authorities. Regards****************
Agha Dilbar,s Urgent Peace Letter No.2) Subject: Agha Dilbar request for a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue To World Community for Peace. We want Peace not War. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan for the World Community. This is A Great Treasure for Humanity. After following my Great Peace Plan, War on Terror will fight through UN Principles. I request to all the Head of States, UN, Parliaments, Political Parties, TV News Channels, International Newspapers and Magazines, Think Tanks, Universities, Amnesty International And Welfare NGOs, Please invite me in your Countries, Institutions, TV Shows, Media Forums to give me a chance of Open Speech and Dialogue about my Great Peace Plan. Thanks .I am sure that my Great Peace Plan will protect the Impending 3rd world War. After following the instructions contained in my Great Peace Plan, People of The World become Prosperous and Developed according to the latest Scientific Era. I Agha Dilbar have a Great Peace Plan, which depends upon, Friendship, Progress and Prosperity throughout the World. I hope that World Community will favor my Great Peace Plan quickly. Any question about my Great Peace Plan? Write directly to me. Thanks and Regards.
Jay@ 2:03pm 08-11-2008
I have tried to email Jeffrey, but the email address does not seem to be working. Please email me. Thank you.


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